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We don't just any novice on our platform. The best Part is that we have licensed and insures professionals ready to get your lawn

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On demand Lawn care Professional
Lawn care, reputable vendors, time saving yet cost effective

No Quotes.Get Pricing Instantly

On demand Lawn Care
Reputable vendors. Saves Time & Cost

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YardHopp is a state of the art web app, revolutionizing the landscape industry, where home owners never have to worry about finding the right company or person, being overcharged or negotiating on prices. Yardhopp can instantly calculate the cost of your lawn. Lawn care simplified all at the tip of your fingers.



A lush green lawn goes beyond cutting or trimming services. You need basic lawn care practices such as mowing, fertilizing, and watering to achieve or maintain a beautiful lawn. Aeration is a critical element for a healthy lawn because it reduces soil compaction by removing plugs and cores. This process mechanically allows air and water to penetrate lawn thatch or built up grass.

Lawn Mowing

Your lawn needs frequent mowing so that newer, greener and thicker grass take place of the old one. We have professional landscapers on our platform who will take care of your lawn from A-Z. Your lawn won't only look great but also feel great under your toes. Pick a location, enter your area and receive a cost for a healthy lawn with no rough patches and greener grass.


Do you know what is the best time of the year for seeding in your area? Our expert technicians will evaluate the existing condition of your land and recommend the best suitable treatment for your yard. The professionals listed on YardHopp use cutting edge machines like slit seeder to make sure that your lawn gets maximum seed-to-soil contact. This ensure a higher rate of germination and fuller, thicker grass.

Weed and Feed

A perfect lawn can only be achieved when proper weed and feed strategies are applied. As the name suggests, this service involve two basic practices, weed and feed. The first part is where the compound is applied to eliminate unnecessary weed, or wild growing plants in your lawn.

Why Use Yardhopp?

With many lawn mowing services operating in your area, how do you decide which one is the best for you? YardHopp lists the top professionals for lawn mowing services based on geo location. You get to see a vendor's reputation before hiring them for your lawn. This helps us create a transparency in the platform where the merit of quality is decided upon client satisfaction.

No Quotes! Get Pricing Instantly!

The old way is done! No more waiting days for someone to come to your home to give you a quote and another week to be added to their routes. With YardHopp, you add your property, and get an instant price. No more waiting.

Licensed and Insured Providers

We don't just list any company on our platform. All lawn care companies on YardHopp are licensed and insured. We perform background checks for all companies to ensure a trustworthy service.

Service Complete Within 48 Hours

With other lawn care services, you have to fill in a form to schedule appointment and then wait for them to either approve or reschedule it. We believe your time is precious so every job assigned via YardHopp, gets completed within the next 48 hours.


After years of research we have developed an app that is user friendly, complies with industry needs and strives to fill the gap within the lawn care industry. For your ease, we have kept simple design, easy navigation, retina-friendly aesthetics and a smooth flow to provide a seamless experience while booking your appointment. Below are the major screens you will be using and how each of them works:

Easy to use

We value your time and ease which is why we have split up the landing screen into major services so that you can easily select the relevant one and move forward. You can choose whether you need lawn mowing, aeration, weed and feed or seeding service for your yard. This helps filter down your task and ensures that the right professionals in the relevant service are notified when you post your job.

Systemized job posting

Posting your job is easy with YardHopp. With our in depth research and competitive analysis we have figured out most commonly asked questions by vendors as well as the major problems owners face while looking for relevant services. The job description part is where you can select the type of service you need, add property images, add area, select preferences and give additional comments so the right people can get in touch with you and take care of your lawn.

Instant pricing

After you have selected the service you need and entered the details about your property, select your property, and drop pins around your lawn. Now you have your instant price. Pay and relax.

Lola Littenberg

Innovative idea for our modern on the go society!!

Skyler Talley

If you are a home owner and need services this is by far the easiest process to get quick guaranteed service from a licensed professional .