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We don't just any novice on our platform. The best Part is that we have licensed and insures professionals ready to get your lawn

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On demand Lawn care Professional
Lawn care, reputable vendors, time saving yet cost effective

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On demand Lawn Care
Reputable vendors. Saves Time & Cost

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This pre-season sale is a great way to start the year. Lawn care couldn’t be easier using YardHopp. Take care of your lawn at a discounted rate in the beginning and enjoy the services for the rest of the year. Once you choose the service level you want we will assign you a promo code and your services for the year are set to go. The pricing is a one size lawn fits all. If you have any questions feel free to reach out at [email protected] 

Say goodbye to all the pointless phone calls just to get an answering machine, and no more leaving cash or checks under the mat. YardHopp makes it all easy using our state of the art app. Our customer service is always available to help and enjoy paying with a credit card right in the app. So sit back and relax YardHopp is here to give you back your valuable time.

Offer Available on Website Only
Only Available for Denver Metro Area
Max Lawn Size (not property size) 7000 sqft.


Limited quantity available



Select the package that you want to to choose, click "Buy now"


On checkout Page fill out the information as requested, If your billing address different then shipping just fill out the information, Pay through credit car.


Enjoy the discounted service for the whole season.

Weekly Lawn Package

  • 26 weeks lawn mowing
  • 2 aerations
  • 2 fertilizations
  • 2 overseeing
  • $699

$699.00Buy Now

Full Service Package

  • 26 weeks lawn mowing
  • 2 aerations
  • 2 fertilizations
  • 2 overseeing
  • $999

$999.00Buy Now

It is your responsibility as the customer to order the weekly lawn care service on a weekly basis. You will be given a promo code that will be active for 26 services to conclude the season that you ordered.

The weather is permitting services. The lawn care professionals cannot work in rain or snow, so do take notice of the 7 day weather forecast that is on the top of the app when ordering your service. The lawn care professionals will service your lawn once the weather is clear and appropriate to work in.

In regards to the promo code, you will receive notification of your promo code via text and email by the end of March to ensure that you have all of the information you need to order your lawn care. Entering your promo code will eliminate the cost of the service because you paid for your lawn care up front for the 6 month period between April 1 – October 1 2020.
(The promo code will be assigned to your property and cannot be shared to others.)

If you are unsatisfied with the services received we have different options we can discuss with you to ensure that you are taken care of as a customer. We can either assign a new lawn care professional, or we can refund your cost contingent on the amount of services used. The weekly cost would be the total you paid divided by 26 (weeks) and each week of service would be deducted from refunded cost. Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any issues with your service and would like to discuss the above options or other options to resolve any issues.